The idea that spawned Titanic Connections started as a concept I had back in high school many years ago. I wanted to build a community based around all aspects of Titanic’s story. High school ended and the years passed, but that little idea in the back of my head still remained.


Then in 2019, while visiting the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Northern Ireland, it hit me. At the end of my trip, while perusing in the gift shop, I was looking at some trinkets when I heard a young man’s voice behind me asking someone about Titanic in a very excited and detailed manner. I turned around to see a little boy, about four years old, talking to his grandfather while picking out some gifts. What I saw brought a tear to my eye. I felt I was staring at a reflection. That was me at the same place with my grandfather 20 years prior. That was the moment it hit me that the idea I had in my head all these years was for people like him: the next generation of Titanic enthusiasts.


In early 2020, I approached a few like-minded Titanic enthusiasts and pitched them my idea. Over the next few months, the idea finally became a reality. We built our online presence and launched Titanic Connections officially on 31 May 2020.



Ryan Wade





Read what some of the leading names  in the Titanic community have to say about us...

'Titanic Connections is an admirable group of serious Titanic researchers and enthusiasts. I've enjoyed meeting them remotely and admire their dedication to this subject.'

Don Lynch

Titanic Historian, Author & Wreck Diver - Author of Titanic an Illustrated History

Titanic Connections does a valuable job in promoting interest in Titanic's history and bringing together likeminded enthusiasts. Through the active Facebook group discussions and regular video events, including panel discussions with renowned experts, Titanic Connections brings history to life

Mark Chirnside

Maritime Historian & Artist

'Since my early interactions with the Titanic Connections team, my experience has been first class. Their dedication to promoting history for educational purposes and passion for sharing the knowledge for others to access is admirable. It is wonderful to see a group of individuals with such devotion.'

David Olivera

Maritime Artist

'I am very honoured that Titanic Connections have chosen to incorporate my artwork of Titanic in their magnificent new website. I was privileged to be given a preview of work in progress on the new site and have to say that it is a wonderful piece of work, keeping the memory of the event alive for future generations. So many congratulations to the team for all their hard work in producing this professional and informative site. I am sure it will prove to become one of the foremost sites on the internet. Well done all of you!'

Simon Fisher

Maritime Artist

'Working with Titanic Connections is absolutely great. There are real Titanic experts at work who handle the history of the Titanic with the highest respect. Authors who are not yet so well known also have their voice there. This kind of communication with all those interested in Titanic is absolutely unique in the world.'

Norbert Zimmermann

Author & Titanic Historian - Author of “Titanic A Chronology of a Disaster”

'I have been a member of Titanic Connections from the beginning when they first started online and have not only enjoyed all their posts and videos but have also taken part is some zoom discussions also. Titanic Connections are a fantastic group of like-minded enthusiasts who are doing an amazing job in keeping the Titanic history alive. Jake Billingham in particular has become a great friend and I know he will continue to keep my family history alive with the passion that he has for many years to come. Well done Titanic Connections and keep up the great work that you all do!'

Beverly Roberts

Great-granddaughter of Henry Samuel Morely & Kate Florence Phillips, second-class passengers of Titanic

Titanic Connections is a wonderful group of ocean liner enthusiasts, looking to tell the stories of everything going on within the community. They are a passionate group with a genuine love for their work, which is apparent in everything that they do. I'm happy to work with them, and I have heard nothing but good things from my colleagues who have also worked with them. I know that they will continue to grow and help to spark a passion in those new to the story of these ships. I especially admire their efforts to spotlight those who are only on the first steps of their journey.

Tom Lynskey

HFX Studios Owner & Content Creator

Titanic Researcher, Author & Wreck Diver

'In their first year, Titanic Connections interviewed researchers from different countries with different specialty areas. Their purpose and dedication to the noble Titanic and her stories is exemplary. I enjoy the variety, and even more, seeing new faces intermixed with the renowned experts.'

Bill Willard

Titanic Researcher, Author & Wreck Diver - Author of 'Our Story' (Story of the 1998 Expedition to Titanic)

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