NOAA - 2003

Following in the footsteps of Cameron the Keldysh made a return to Titanic not long thereafter with representatives from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration “NOAA” to conduct a full scientific examination of the Titanic site.


Microbiologist Lori Johnston returned as well as veteran Titanic diver and senior microbiologist Roy Cullimore to follow up with several metal samples that had been placed around the wreck to test the effects of the iron eating bacteria. This expedition also attempted to conduct a full video mosaic of the wreck and to compare data with that learned by the previous expeditions during the period of 1996-1998.

By now logging in more hours than anyone else on Titanic, Dr. Anatoly Sagalevich and Mir #2 pilot Genya Cherniaev had grown to know Titanic like the back of their hands. The submersibles explored around the entire wreck and logged 23hrs of video for the purposes of scientific research. This material, archived since 2003, was discovered and retrieved by Matthew Smathers of Titanic Connections & Storied Treasures for use in educational videos and other related material.


The footage was subsequently pulled and posted in its entirety on the website “Titanic Archive Project” as well as several additional hours of raw video from other expeditions until the website went defunct in 2022. The footage has since been re-uploaded to preserve its availability to the general public, and can be seen in its entirety both on here and on Storied Treasures.

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