IMAX 1991

The Titanic would lay undisturbed on the bottom of the North Atlantic for the next few years, until, in 1991, a joint Canadian, Russian, and American expedition would set out to explore Titanic for a revolutionary new format. IMAX. 


The venture was a collaborative effort by the Russian P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, CBS Television Network, and the Canadian IMAX Corporation.  Representing the P.P. Shirov Institute, and providing a means of exploration was Dr.Anatoly Sagalevich, the Russian research vessel Akademik Mstislav Keldysh, and the twin submersibles MIR 1 & MIR 2.  


This expedition was to be the first of innumerable ones for the vessel and her subs. Famed Hollywood cinematographer Al Giddings was onboard representing CBS studios to film footage for a documentary titled “TITANIC: Treasure of the Deep”. As a primary backer for the expedition, IMAX producer/director Stephen Low was assigned to coordinate the filming of material for the Imax film “TITANICA”.  


Veteran Titanic diver & historian Ralph White was brought aboard as chief consultant and historian.  Joining the elite expedition crew was famed National Geographic photographer Emory Kristof, who would document the entire expedition and provide coverage for National Geographic, as well as deep-sea explorer and scientist Dr. Joseph B. MacInnis who was a chief organizer of the expedition on behalf of IMAX. Dr. MacInnis was an advisor to the 1985 expedition which located Titanic and had conducted some dives on the wreck in 1987 in the IFREMER submersible Nautile.

IMAX Titanica Poster 1991

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