RMS TITANIC INC. & IFREMER - 1993 to 1994

Reforming themselves from ‘Ocean Ventures Limited’ and ‘Titanic Ventures Limited’ the newly re-flagged RMS TITANIC INC. partnered again with the French IFREMER to conduct a series of dives to re-examine the Titanic and recover artifacts with an emphasis this time on the study of Titanic and to try and solve its mysteries.


The previous expedition in 1987 had uncovered some damage along the Titanic’s starboard side, which was initially believed to be Iceberg damage, however, this was debunked on this trip and discovered to be a large rupture that was caused by the ship’s impact with the seafloor.


Interior exploration was also done using the remote operated vehicle Robin and some preliminary examinations of the ship’s interiors were done. Hundreds of artifacts and almost a thousand + hours of video were shot on expeditions conducted during these two years. The 1993 Expedition saw the filming and publication of “EXPLORERS OF THE TITANIC” on home video.

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